Women’s Fiction


As a fan of Women’s Fiction, I have a strong appreciation for a meandering Amish narrative, a dust-coated Pioneer adventure, an elegant Victorian tale, and a modern Contemporary drama.

My current Women’s Fiction Historical novel, WELCOMBE & WINDSOR, is completed and in the querying stage.

victorian ball

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Set in the Victorian era, WELCOMBE & WINDSOR follows the journey of a 21 year-old woman who has long-hated the sexist ideals of her Patriarchal society. Having recently lost both of her parents, she inherits her Father’s estate, along with the unrelenting pursuit of every eligible bachelor she knows –and, some she doesn’t. But, Joanna doesn’t wish to wed, and has been offered the chance to become the first woman to attend university. An opportunity she has only dreamt to receive.

But after a long stint of loneliness, and one drunken mistake, Joanna finds herself in a situation she never imagined. Pregnant and alone, Joanna knows she will likely lose her only chance to attend university, and the affection of her most cherished friend and past love, Henry.

At a harrowing loss, Joanna seeks out the strange man responsible for her quandary, only to discover his haunting secret –the reality of which could change her life forever.