Science Fiction


Dystopian fiction has my heart. In so many ways. I love to read it, and am currently in the process of writing a Dystopian trilogy.


REGENERATE, the first book in a planned trilogy, is currently in the editing process.


The Amish survived the Quakes, her society needs their blood, and she must pose as the wife of a dangerous stranger to get it.

A hundred years have passed since the Great Quakes struck the North American continent. Forced to rise from the ashes, the survivors banded together and formed an impenetrable society. A society guaranteed to prosper. A society where family has been eradicated, every member generated for the greater good of the whole.

She believes in her purpose.

He hates their lies.

All twenty-one-year old Convictions Agent 61825 wants is to run her division, and she’s spent the last seven years vying for the chance. So when she’s offered the opportunity to assess the loyalty of the most persuasive rebel in the city in exchange for the title, she’s game. The only problem? She has to forget her number, become an Amish woman named Emma Fisher, and pose as his wife for a year to do it …and, if she’s wrong, it means her life.

All twenty-four-year old Marcus Fisher wants is to dump his findings at the city gate and get back to the mission he’s spent the last year working on. But, he doesn’t expect his superiors to assign him a fake wife on his return. And, he definitely doesn’t expect to fall for her along the way.

Thrown into a world opposite her own, Emma discovers there’s more to life than her city claims.

And, after a jolting encounter with prohibited love, Marcus discovers there are some things worth risking everything for.

But, reality’s a difficult pill to swallow when your city only gives you two options: Allegiance or Death.