Science Fiction


Dystopian fiction has my heart. In so many ways. I love to read it, and am currently in the process of writing a Dystopian trilogy.


REGENERATE, the first book in the trilogy, is in the process of being re-drafted.


The Amish survived the apocalypse and her society needs their blood, but can she pose as the wife of a man she detests to get it?

In post-apocalyptic Antioch, you are expected to do two things: Live a life of servitude in the division for which you were genetically modified, and contribute reproductive cells at age twenty-four. For driven Agent #61825, servitude comes naturally. At age twenty-one, she is contending top agent in Antioch, and next in line for Headmaster over her division.

But when she is recruited to a mission that takes her outside her city, she must forget her number, become a woman named Emma Fisher, and live among the unsuspecting Amish for a year. Her main objective? To uncover the secret to her society’s impending demise. If she succeeds, she will receive the promotion to Headmaster she has worked her whole life to attain. If she fails, an execution awaits her instead. Emma knows she has what it takes to complete her mission, but there is one person standing in her way. Marcus Fisher, Agent #59723. The man who is to be her “husband”. The same man who recently broke her heart.

In a world opposite her own, Emma discovers there is more to life than Antioch claims. And, after a jolting encounter with forbidden love, struggles to choose between her hard-earned success and the freedom she now knows exists.

It is a difficult choice when your city only gives you two options: Allegiance, or Death.